Hedy Hedman

Eleanor Hedman, known to all as Hedy, died on Christmas Eve 2015. She was a long time member of our church and was treasurer of the Women’s Association for many years. Unable to live on her own, Eleanor Hedman (Hedy) moved, earlier this year, to be close to family in Minnesota. The funeral will be there, plans have not yet been announced.

Ahead of her time, Hedy was a businesswoman who owed and ran a book store of church and religious supplies for many years. A pillar of our church, she was a walking history of the Lutheran church in Michigan. In the photo below, she is shown (left) being interviewed by Ken Mirjah, with help from Joanne Grierson, during our Centennial celebration in 2011.


Pastor Wayne’s Christmas Message

From Pastor Wayne:

In 1972, Johnny Nash wrote and released the popular hit; “I Can See Clearly Now.” What a great line!
A little over 2,000 years ago three astronomers went in search of a King only following a star lite in the night. Both of these actions and thoughts deal with the issue of focus. Clarity, Vision, Purpose, and Hope are all components of seeing clearly and being focused. A cataclysmic event took place over 2,000 years ago that has changed the face of life on planet earth. It involved an obscure village and a seemingly uneventful birth, but the angels in heaven as well as our three travelers were of a different mindset. FOCUS! Larry King, famous CNN talk show host was asked if he had the choice of one person to interview in all of history who would it be. He stated it would be Jesus Christ and the one question would be to ask him if he indeed were born of a virgin. The reason behind this question was that the answer would explain history.
If indeed the virgin birth were not true then Jesus would not be God and his sacrifice would be only on the human level. This historical and supernatural event does indeed help explain the depths of human history. By being born of a virgin Jesus is indeed fully God and fully man. It is absolutely a miracle, both natural (child birth) and supernatural (conception).
In this season of Christmas and Epiphany I want to encourage you with these thoughts. If you believe in Christmas then you believe in miracles; and some can happen! May you experience the miracle of God’s love in your heart and soul as we journey together in this thing called life.


Christmas Around the World: December 19


Saturday, December 19 at 4:00pm is our Christmas Party! The Sunday School will present their special program on “Christmas Around the World”. The kids have been working hard and this issue to be a special treat.

After the program, we will have out annual Christmas potluck, so bring a dish to share. All this excitement will leave us ready to have a joyous Christmas carol sing-along.
Do not miss this Christmas triple play of children, Christmas carols and a meal with Christmas cheer.

Food Pantry: Thrivent & Harvest Bounty

Thrivent  milk give away at the Food Pantry.
Thrivent milk give away at the Food Pantry.

The Food Pantry continues to serve our community. Recently, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans provides extra funding for milk. Through Gleaners, we are always able to provide fresh vegetables or fruit to our clients.

We always give away fresh vegetables and fruit at the Food Pantry. Last week, with the bounty of a Michigan harvest season, we had even more than usual.
We always give away fresh vegetables and fruit at the Food Pantry. Last week, with the bounty of a Michigan harvest season, we had even more than usual.

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