40 Days of Prayers, Day 12 to 21



Day 12 July 19
Lord, we have relegated you to just another deity within our thought processes. That is not true! You are the one true God, Creator of the Universe and the very essence of our life. Forgive us for trusting ourselves rather than You. How can we better love and serve our fellow humans? Forgive us for not being peacekeepers in a time of turmoil and battle. How can we better love you? Our hearts long for your mercy and peace between all humankind. Heal our land Oh Lord.
Day 13 July 20
Lord when we examine the history of our nation we see much bloodshed, greed, and hatred. What began in the Spirit became a work of the flesh in so many areas. We cannot undo history but we can rewrite the future. From all the horrific acts of hatred, greed and bloodshed please forgive us and our nation. We have seen how one in power can destroy another and the one destroyed can live with unforgiveness. Both create sin within our heart. Forgive us and our nation and heal our Land. Let us live together in harmony with all races within our land.
Day 14   July 21
It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord. We thank you and love you Lord. You have given us life and health and healing. You have shined your great love upon us. We praise you and magnify your Name. Let us walk in your presence daily and acknowledge you for all Your goodness. Thank you for sending your Son Jesus to be our Savior and Redeemer. It is in His Name we ask you to forgive us and heal our land. You are a Great and Mighty God!
Day 15   July 22
Lord we have laid ourselves bare before you, confessing our unrighteousness and our sin; For while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Now may we live for You. The devil is a liar! We are your children called by your Name. Today we place a stake in the ground and say NO MORE! No more hatred! No more violence! No More sides. It is not black vs white but rather the dark vs the light! May we forever walk in the Light!
Day 16  July 23
Today Lord we declare that our country will serve you! Our hearts will serve You! Our Lives will count and matter! We will honor and respect our brothers and sisters. We will hold dear each and every person. We are ONE! Color is no longer a barrier! We are a United front against Sin and death!
Day 17  July 24
Lord may I find a person today whom I would not normally speak to or spend any time with and may I tell them they are loved! May I move out of my comfort zone and become the person you intended me to be! Forgive me where I have missed opportunities to love and give me insight in how to change this nation. Heal our Land Oh God!
Day 18  July 25
I am undone Oh Lord because I have not obeyed you or loved my fellow human as I should. Help us to tear down the walls of distrust and dishonor. I want to love my fellow human and be a part of a society where the Kingdom of God is seen! Help me to be intentional in my relationships with people who are not like me. Father, reduce me to love in Jesus Name!
Day 19   July 26
Dear Father, I will not shut up, give up, or put up until I go up. You have put a fire within me to be a solution and a witness to your love! I will share that love with all. My life and our nation are intertwined! I am here to be your ambassador of love and hope. All racism, All hatred, all enmity, all lies must go in Jesus Name! Please heal our Land oh Lord and bring us to that place where we can see clearly! Jesus is Lord!
Day 20  July 27
Father, let me not faint on the way to your destiny for me. Let my nation not give in to secularism, to humanism, to anything other than the power of your gospel. I confess we have let other agendas creep in, we have allowed other philosophies to take precedent, and we have neglected the Great Salvation you won for us. Let us forever embrace the Gospel of Christ and truly become the nation whose God is the Lord. Forgive us and Heal our land Oh Lord.
Day 21  July 28
Lord may You raise up Prophets and Prophetesses in the Name of Jesus. May we see young people and children leading the way into your Kingdom. I repent for ever being ashamed of the Gospel of Christ and may I forever proclaim Your goodness and hope to the Land where I live. I repent of ever having no love or cold love. We are one in You Oh mighty King. Teach us to live together a people of all ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures. May we have no agenda but your agenda! May we have no desire but your desire! May You heal our hearts and our land in Jesus Name!

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