40 Days of Prayer: Days 22-40



Day 22   July 29
There is indeed a decision we each have to make. Sometimes we have to lay our grudges and offences down and merely choose to forgive. It is hard. It sometimes doesn’t even seem right. But it is the only way to peace. Father, I forgive those who have used me, who have taken advantage of me, who have made me either be a villain or to be less than I am. I release the debt! I will no longer hold to those values which were wrong of my forefathers; rather I will hold to you value of love forgiveness and life. Forgive me and our nation and heal our land.

Day 23   July 30
Father we are tossed from side to side wanting to believe the best but seeing possibly the worst. Others flame the fire to make us be driven by hate. I refuse to let hate drive me. I refuse to be taken hostage by the thought of segments of society. I will honor you Oh Lord and not forget your ways. Enough is enough and our land and our people have had enough! Forgive me where I have failed you and allow me the chance to declare your goodness to my brothers and sisters.

Day 24   July 31
Dear God we need the power of the Holy Spirit! I repent from neglecting so great a power. I am sorry I have neglected His wisdom and guidance and relied on my own on that of my fellow humans. I need the Holy Spirit; Our nation needs an outpouring of the Holy Spirit! Send this Father that we might walk in the power of your love and in the unity of your Kingdom!

Day 25    August 1
Now I repent for holding my black brothers as less than me. That hurts but I repent for both myself and for the people of my nation. Now I repent for holding my white brothers as the cause for my situation or feeling of victimization. Together we repent for all the harm we have done to one another in our thoughts, words, and deed! No More! No More! We are family; one race; the human race. We will learn to live work and love together. In Jesus Name I declare the chains are broken and we together are a free people. In Jesus Name!

Day 26    August 2
Lord I recognize that you chose to have our sins nailed to the cross of Christ; that He bore our sins and our burdens. I again go to the cross and place my personal sins and the corporate sins of our nation there so that Christ can forgive us. Forgive me O Lord! Forgive the people of our land! Bring us to the place where it is not a white person, not a black person, not an Asian person, a Latino person, or an Indian person, but rather just a person. May we learn to walk in this truth as you heal our Land!


Day 27    August 3
Father I love You and confess that I have gone astray in so many ways. Our people have gone astray as well with many of our ideologies and philosophies. We have chased the almighty dollar and social status. We have chased fame and fortune when the Greatest Treasure was to always be found in You! Forgive me of my personal greed and forgive the people of our land for our corporate greed. We have done horrible things; enslaving people, taking what wasn’t ours, developing plans and schemes regardless of how others were affected. Now God we have a chance to start over. Forgive our sins and give us a people to start over with; to walk in the Light as you are in the Light; to be that nation whose God is the Lord. We ask for your healing and favor on our lives and upon our nation.

Day 28   August 4
God forgive us of murder. Forgive us for killing others. Forgive us for destroying lives. Forgive us of our racial prejudices. We confess we don’t understand. Our nation has been racially divided; it has also been economically and socially divided. We don’t want race against race and people against people. Forgive us for this Oh Lord. We don’t want to hate or fear others because of the color of their skin. Forgive us for this Oh Lord! I confess that we need a Savior! We need one who can forgive each of us. We need the blood of Jesus to cleanse us from this unrighteousness. Please oh God Forgive us and heal our land.

Day 29  August 5
Lord, we have laid ourselves bare before you. We are unable in our own strength and wisdom to fix this mess we are in. We need you Lord. We need to hear from you. Raise up a people who are not afraid to love one another and who are not afraid to call evil; evil and to call good; good. Some say we are falling apart and some say things are just fine. We say we need you Oh Lord. We need you Oh Lord. You are the only remedy for ourselves and our nation. Come and heal us and our land in Jesus Name.

Day 30   August 6
We have seen killings, terrorism, racial hatred, unforgiveness, acts of cruelty, and the list goes on. We want to see love, righteousness, healing, goodness, hope, and a country that is a beacon of light to the world! Before that we ourselves must be that beacon! Let your light and glory shine on us Oh Lord! We open our hearts and our minds to you. Fill us! Fill us! Fill us!

Day 31   August 7
There is and has been an attack on our nation and upon us. We have given in on many occasions and not heeded your voice. “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of any stronghold that exalts itself above Jesus Christ.” Our system of thoughts will line up with the Word of God! We crush every thought that is against Jesus! We bring into captivity every ideology that stands contrary to God’s Word! This day we declare Jesus is Lord over our nation and over our lives.

Day 32    August 8
God we are your workmanship created for good works before the foundation of the earth. You have placed power and authority within us. The enemy has come to try and strangle us but he will not succeed. You have given us great value. Value to all humanity. Great value to all humanity. We therefore declare we will no longer discriminate according to race, color, socio-economic standing, ethnicity, or any other element. We will stand firm in our resolute to love and to bring about divine change in Jesus Name!

Day 33   August 9
Lord, it looks like ethnicity is rising up against ethnicity, that special interests groups are demanding and separating themselves, that it is an us versus them mentality that nation is rising against nation and that we are approaching the return of the Lord Jesus. Let us not be asleep in doing good, in serving others, in declaring the power of the Cross of Christ to change a person and to change the world. We repent from being asleep and being neutral on far too many issues. We will not be neutral toward Jesus for such is as treason. Forgive us Oh Lord and bring us back to you. Heal our hearts and heal our land.

Day 34   August 10
God you have given us the Spirit of love power and a sound mind we therefore declare that we will use these in order to advance your Kingdom. We will not build our own kingdom but we will work to build Your Kingdom. Restore us to unity Oh God. Bring us to that place where the commonality of manhood causes us to put away all our petty, selfish, and childish ways. Let us be renewed by the life changing power of the cross even though it is foolishness to those who are perishing. We recognize it as the Power of God. Bring us all to that place as one!

Day 35   August 11
The Spirit of the Lord is upon me… Lord I declare I will be a Spirit filled and Spirit led person. Help me in my lack of love and in my attitude toward others. I declare forgiveness over those who have wronged me and ask for a time of reconciliation both within my personal relationships and within our nation. Jesus was in the world reconciling the world unto God therefor let me also be an instrument of peace. Use people and especially your presence to heal our Land in Jesus Name.

Day 36  August 12
Father, I know that life is not fair and the only place the playing field is level is at the Cross of Christ. Bring us to that place in our personal lives and in the life of our nation. We desperately need your healing and forgiveness and a remembrance that all people are created in the image of God therefore hate and prejudice have no place. The devil is a liar! May you have the victory Oh Lord over our thoughts, words, and deeds. May we see a spiritual renewal in our Land in Jesus Name.

Day 37    August 13
How long Oh Lord will the wicked go unpunished? How long before your mercy is turned away from our Land? I thank you that mercy triumphs over judgement and that your promises are yes and amen in Christ Jesus. Again, have mercy on us Oh Lord and teach us again the way to live. Let us return to Your Word and the ways of the Kingdom. Let our Light of love be brighter and let in shine in corners of what were once darkness. Heal our Land in Jesus Name.

Day 38   August 14
Father your Word says we can come boldly before your throne because of the blood of Jesus, therefore we come boldly to You asking for a mighty outpouring of love upon this nation and in our personal lives. Lord we declare you have both the power to bless us and the power to change us! Change our hearts Oh Lord. Change our lives! Change and correct our nation as well. We are a people called by Your Name!

Day 39  August 15
Lord, there have been many people who have lived, fought, and died for racial equality in this nation. There have also been those who have lived, fought, and died against racial equality. The truth from Your Word is we are all one in Christ. We are all one in Christ! This wall of division has been broken. This wall of division has been broken! Let us lay down any malice or hate and let it be replaced by Your Divine Love. I do not know all the answers but I do know You hold the keys. I put my trust in you and may our nation return to you and put her trust in You as well! Heal our Land Oh Lord.

Day  40   August 16
Great it is to dream life’s dreams as you gaze beyond the starry streams. But better it is to live life through and say at the end the dream came true. May our dream of a better land come true. May our dream of a better me come true. May our dream of our nation being one come true. May we walk daily in your light and love. May we love our fellow human. We are all one race; the human race. We have humbled ourselves and prayed Oh Lord. We have repented and we have sought Your Face. We now simply ask; In the Name of Jesus Heal our Land.