Feb. 18: Congregational Mtg.

Just wanted to remind everyone that the annual congregation meeting is this Sunday, please get your reports into Jeannette so she is not running around on Sunday morning making copies for everyone!! You can send them to the church email:
I hope to see everyone on Sunday, this is the first congregational meeting of the new council we will be choosing people to represent our church at the Synod Assembly in May, and also talking about what we would like to have in a new pastor. I will have a board and I will invite people to give me words to write on the paper which will give us something to work from for the follow up meeting
We will also schedule a meeting that will be exclusively for talking about a new pastor as I think we need time to think on this and we don’t want to be at church all day on Sunday!!
Have a great week,
PS: If there is anything else you think I should include in the agenda please email me or send me a text