Good-Bye Pastor Wayne & Deb


Pastor Wayne and his wife Deb were with us for four years. He and Deb truly helped us get through some hard times and become friends to us all. However, the time has come for Wayne and Deb to move back to their native Georgia. We celebrated their ministry on Sunday, June 25, 2017 with a special worship service and a barbecue and potluck luncheon. They will be missed.

Tyrra prepares to share the peace with guests.
Three generations of a growing family attend.
Smiling faces


The Sanders family returned to say good-bye.
Eric brought a friend to join us in wishing Pastor Wayne and Deb good-bye.
Pastor has often been a supply pastor for us. He brought his son and daughter.
Javon was crucifer as Pastor Wayne completes his last recessional with assisting minister Dave.
Pastor Jerry will fill in for the next few weeks.
Of course our celebration included lots, and lots of food. The cake says it all.


Message to Wayne and Deb, “Don’t be strangers, you-all come back to visit now and then.”