313 Backpack Give-Away: 2017

With his family behind him, a young man shows off his new school stupplies.

On Saturday, August 19, 2017 we had the annual 313 Backpack Give-Away. 

Gently used children’s clothes, school & office supplies, snacks and backpacks were given to neighborhood children. 

Ruby, a local high school student, organized the event with help from Gwen Jachim. Thanks to all of the many volunteers and donors who helped make the event possible. 

Special thanks to Thrivent Financial for Lutheran that provided a special grant.



Getting school supplies is a family affair.
Proud mother and her son.
Showing off her backpack, nice stripes.
Mother, grandmother and two kids ready for preschool.
Sister and brother both ready for school
Three friends ready for the new school year.
The shy little girl is not yet old enough for school and wants to stay with her mother. The two older brothers are ready to go.
Happy mother with her two sons.
Three cousins hanging out together.















































































































































































































And a big THANK YOU! to all the volunteers that made the Backpack Give-Away possible.