Project Compassion



A Partner in Service:

Project Compassion works to enrich the quality of life of all people living in nursing care facilities, senior housing environments and those involved in their care, such as: family members, staff and volunteers.

It affirms the dignity, worth and unique character of every person regardless of religious orientation and provides comprehensive programs, services and activities that strive to bring a sense of wholeness to the spirit, mind and body.

Every August, the Project Compassion Block Party is a celebration for the residents of nursing homes on East Grand Blvd. Iroquois Avenue Christ Lutheran provides help and the staging area to prepare for the event.

During the last Block Party, four hundred residents of nursing homes on E. Grand Blvd. enjoyed food, fun and entertainment. The Block Party set-up and food preparation was at Iroquois Ave. Christ Lutheran. Volunteers from our church provided time and labor.