Volunteers at Christmas Food Pantry
Volunteers at Christmas Food Pantry

Dear Friends and Family of Iroquois Avenue Christ Lutheran Church:

God has blessed so many of us over this year. IACLC has been able to help hundreds of people, bringing meals to their tables and warm clothes for the winter months. The church members and community friends have generously given hours of their time this year to ensure the local outreach of the church reaches many in our community.

Now is the time for IACLC to dedicate that same loving care to the house of god. As we move through the winter months we will be making much needed repairs to the sanctuary. For those of you that have been in attendance this year, you will have noted the need for new paint and plaster repairs to fix the damage to our sanctuary.

The church has started a fund to pay for the $28,000 in repairs needed. We ask each of our friends to think of what the church has brought to your life and to bless the church with a small donation to the fund to help IACLC on its way to its former beauty.

Donations may be mailed to the church’s secure mailbox.